Scott McKenna is a British racing driver focussed on his ambition to become a professional racing driver in GT and Endurance racing.

Scott learned his car control skills and honed his abilities through the family’s Ice Driving business in Scandinavia each winter. From the earliest age, he could be found propped up behind the wheel driving on the frozen lakes of Scandinavia, developing the vital feel, his relaxed in car attitude and instinctive reactions that now prove to be his key assets.

An all too brief foray into the UK’s Ginetta Junior Championship in 2017 brought him to the attention of his peers, experts and the British TV media.

A lack of funding cut short his 2017 season. Rather than try desperately to fund his season race to race, he choose to regroup and embark upon a more structured approach for 2018.

This mature attitude has led to Scott forming relationships with several vitally important marketing partners for the 2018 season to embark on the 2018 Ginetta GT5 Challenge.