And This Is Before the Weekend Has Started….

Accidents happen. The disclaimer on your entrance ticket and the signs around the circuit explain as clearly as possible that motorsport is dangerous. As a driver it’s a risk that each person deals with individually and Scott’s turn came on Monday, with consequences that we could not have anticipated.

It’s been an eventful week and the race weekend hasn’t even begun yet.

Monday morning’s testing finished suddenly and dramatically for Scott as, after making a mistake and spinning into a gravel trap, he was hit very hard indeed on the right front corner by his team mate Gus Bowers’ car who had, in turn, been hit by a less experienced driver. What started as a simple excursion into a gravel trap turned into a massively expensive and potentially dangerous incident for the HHC racing team, with heavy damage to both cars through being involved in an incident triggered by someone else.

The cars were recovered to the paddock and despite the very best attempts of the HHC Racing technicians, the car was deemed beyond repair at the circuit. With Scott’s team mate having the option on the only spare car on it’s way from the team’s Yorkshire HQ, it seemed that the entire week’s schedule was to be abandoned, with no race this weekend either.

Until Jonny Milner took a walk down the pit lane.

Jonny’s daughter Katie Milner is competing alongside Scott in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge and the team has a spare car. Upon hearing of Scott’s accident, they generously stepped forward with the over of the spare car for the weekend. No questions asked, no conditions, simply take it, race it.

The Milner spare car, being transformed into Scott’s colours

An overnight session in the Milner’s home workshops saw the car prepared and onto a transporter, heading to Knockhill. The following morning, the car was sitting in the pitlane, ready to roll.

Scott’s shakedown sessions confirmed that he was comfortable in the car as a few changes were made to ensure seat and pedal position were correct and he posted some preliminary times that he was comfortable with.

So this weekend, Scott will be racing in a borrowed car and will be on the grid thanks to some Yorkshire generosity.

Oh, and did we mention he got his exam results through? That time consuming Silverstone English exam proved to be OK after all, he passed them all.

We think it’s going to be an eventful weekend.

Late nights by the mechanics on the replacement car