Eau Rouge Will Have To Wait

The iconic view of Eau Rouge filling a driver’s windscreen is something that every driver looks forward to experiencing for the first time. So as the Ginetta GT5 Challenge heads to Spa, it’s with reluctance that Scott has decided not to race in this round.

Missing the Spa Francorchamps round of the challenge was something he had always considered doing, though the decision was delayed until as late as possible based upon several sound business factors, a combination of a desire to deliver the best value to sponsors and also his posiition in the overall championship.

So here’s the reasoning behind Scott’s decision.

1. Would a win at Spa put Scott in with a shot at the overall championship? No. as the points stand right now, it’s mathematically impossible to win the title in 2018. That doesn’t mean Scott won’t be trying to win. Far from it. And we will come to that shortly. If Scott was leading the championship or contending for outright championship victory, the decision would be different.

2. A desire to deliver value to his sponsor’s investment. Scott is massively grateful to everyone who has helped him to be racing in 2018. Looking back to the position he was in just twelve months ago, with no drive and no funding, today his gratitude is heartfelt and words cannot describe how it feels to have such great support. So to deliver best value promotion for his sponsors is paramount.

3. Ahead lay several high profile races that offer excellent promotional opportunities for UK based sponsors, with live TV at some. So Scott has taken the decision to use the budget that would be required for an extended stay in Europe to race at Spa and redeploy it into a programme of testing in the UK to optimise the car and stand the best possible chance of a very strong showing in those rounds. Scott has the taste for more podium finishes and while the third step is a great place to be, two steps higher is always the objective.

Scott’s Ginetta GT5 Challenge this season is part of a two year programme to establish him as a professional racing driver capable of delivering race wins and podiums and continually challenging the front runners of the GT and Sportscar series of the future. While he relishes the day when he will be accelerating out of La Source and plunging down to Eau Rouge, that will have to wait a while longer.

He knows it will be worth it.