So, What Did You Do At The Weekend Scott?

When you’re sixteen years old and the pain of GCSE revision is on the horizon, followed by the stress of exams, it’s good to relax a little. The XBox is inevitably your friend, followed by SnapChat, Instagram and so forth. Or you could try travelling to Oulton Park racing circuit and driving a 1963 TVR Grantura racing car. Setting the pole lap time complete with novice cross on the boot lid. Then chasing hard up through the field as driver number two in a two driver race.

That should be relaxation enough. So that’s what Scott did last weekend.

A generous offer by the car’s owner Robi Bernberg to share a race in the AMOC Equipe GTS race series found Scott getting to grips with the TVR’s reduced grip, reduced braking power and increased body roll compared to the Ginetta GT5. “As soon as I left the pits, I could feel the lower grip level. The first corner was an adventure! The engine power is actually pretty good considering the age of the car and the handling is actually fantastic once I had dialled into it. It was so progressive and forgiving, it really inspires confidence. Malc and the guys at TTP have built a great car,”


Robi has owned the car for a few years now and while he knew that Scott would be quicker (after all that’s his job) he was a little surprised to be six seconds off Scott’s pace. “Our first reaction was that he really ought to have more respect for his elders!

Then we sat together with the Vbox data overlays of both of our performances and Scott talked me through the laps and ways to close the gap. It’s actually really good to have a benchmark from someone like him. I’ve raced for twenty five years, `Scott can count on both hands the number of races he has done, yet he is so relaxed and confident.”

You can view Scott’s pole position lap here

You may well think that it would be demoralising, Robi says it’s the opposite. “Scott showed me that the difference in speed isn’t simply due to youth and sheer bravery. It’s quite simply that he studies every single aspect of his performance and constantly looks for ways to improve. Even the smallest fraction he considers important. When you begin to analyse your own performance in the car like that, you realise that it’s easy to slip into apace of driving that is not your best.”

Scott says, “We found Robi 0.8 of a second just by studying his braking and getting him to come off the brakes earlier and carry just a little more speed. There’s lots more things we can do so I’d love to share a care with Robi again,”

Come the race, Robi started and ended his stint in fourth place. A less that stellar pit stop saw them drop down to 14th place as Scott rejoined. A spirited fight back found the car finish in 3rd place, Scott absolutely thrilled to have brought the car home in such a competitive way.

“Everyone was really friendly and it’s a great racing series. The atmosphere is really good fun and of course, once my age was known, there was plenty of digs from the older guys. I’d love to come back and do another round.”

Trophy time saw a good natured debate as to whether AMOC rules allowed a trophy to be awarded to a driver who was sitting GCSE English the following week, but Scott promised not to take it to the exam room.

This weeks plans? Revision, more revision, check that he has lots of spare pens and that his calculator has spare batteries. Roll on the end of term.