The First Step is Always The Greatest

Starting on any journey that could become a life long adventure is always a big step. While Easter Weekend at Outlon Park was not Scott’s first ever taste of circuit racing, it was certainly his first time on the grid waiting for the lights to change in almost a year.

In early 2017, Scott’s season of Ginetta Junior racing was abruptly curtailed with the withdrawl of a major sponsor. He bravely took the decision to sit out the season and instead concentrate on securing support that would ensure an uninterrupted season in 2018. At the same time, the decision to move to the Ginetta GT5 Challenge was taken jointly by Scott, HHC Motorsport and his other teams mates. “I really want to do some historic racing this year and for that I need an adult race licence. The Juniors series is for junior competition licence holders, so I cannot race there on an adult licence.”


The GT5 Challenge car is based upon the same G40 chassis, with another 60 BHP from the engine, 25kg lighter in weight and with slick tyres. The uprated car is significantly faster than the Junior car and Scott is loving the higher levels of grip in testing.

HHC were also interested in moving to the GT5 Challenge as it fits nicely with their other GT racing efforts this year. Best of all, Scott’s sponsors thoroughly supported the idea, making the change an obvious choice.

So on Easter Monday, Scott finds himself on the soaking wet grid, having achieved the lowly, by his standards, position of 17th. “There was an issue with the car that I had no control over, so that was the best we could do.” As the lights changed, Scott’s lack of a chance to practice race starts on the different tyres meant that he dropped to 20th. With the races being of only 15 minutes duration, a slow start makes everything that much harder, with Scott climbing through the rain to reach 14th place, his starting position for Race Two.


The second race was a huge improvement, with a solid start and a strong climb through the field to 5th place, only for the red flags to be waved and the race halted just as things were looking very promising. Positions were fixed at a point two laps previously giving Scott 8th place and some valuable first points in the championship.

The challenging Easter weather meant that the final race of the day was sadly called off, though hopefully it will be rescheduled for later in the season.

Scott’s take aways from the weekend? “In race one, I was a little rusty. It’s almost a year since I actually raced wheel to wheel and no amount of testing can replicate that. I made sure on Race Two that I was right on it from the very first corner and that gave me a far better feeling in the car.”

“As ever, we all learned a lot from the weekend and HHC have been brilliant in both testing and also the race weekend. I’m really looking forward to the next race weekend and I can’t wait to be racing the GT5 on the full slick tyres and with dry race boots and no umbrella!”